Twin Falls


Twin Falls

One of the most attractive waterfalls near Gold Cost, Twin Falls is located in Springbrook National Park. The top of the falls is seen from parking, however 2hrs circuit offers you an excellent opportunity to walk to the waterfalls’ base and even walk behind the falls.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 28° 13.459' E 153° 16.440'
Parking: Canyon Lookout, 6 Canyon Parade, Springbrook
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Easy walking track
Road type: Sealed Return track duration: 5min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 40m Type of the waterfall: Segmented

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐
GPS:          S 28° 13.459' E 153° 16.440'
Parking:     Canyon Lookout, 6 Canyon Parade, Springbrook
Access:     5min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Twin Falls is roughly a 1 hour’ drive away from Gold Coast. From Gold Coast travel north-west on the State Road 24 (Ashmore Rd) until you reach an intersection with SR 20 (Southport Nerang Rd). Turn left onto SR 20. SR 20 eventually becomes SR 90. Keep to the SR 90 until you reach intersection with SR 97 (Nerang Murwilumbah Rd). Follow SR 97 for the next 13 km, then turn left onto Pine Creek Rd. After 7.2km turn right onto SR 99 and follow it for the next 9km. Then turn left onto well-signposted Boy Ull Rd, which becomes Canyon Parade. The car park is on your right, 220m from SR99. The road is a sealed one.

The car park has no facilities. The nearest facilities are available at Tallanbana picnic area (600m, 1 minutes’ drive).

From the parking follow an easy and wheelchair-friendly walking patch which in a minute brings you to the Canyon Lookout upper waterfall lookout. You can see the top of the falls and enjoy the view. Return via the same route.

If you have time, we would highly recommend to do 4km Twin Falls Circuit which can be started either from Canyon Lookout, or from Tallanbana picnic area. A reasonable level of fitness is required due to some uphill/downhill sections. The circuit is recommended to be walked in anti-clock-wise direction. A few minutes after beginning of the walk, you will cross a creek via a concrete bridge. You can see the top of Tamarramai Falls from here. Also, you might spot a crayfish in the creek. Continue on to the main route and descend to the forest floor via a set of stairs. In 15-20 minutes you will reach the junction with Warrie Circuit where you’ll need to keep to the left. If you want to visit one more waterfall – Rainbow (Talangagong) Falls – keep to the right and follow Warrie Circuit for 15-minutes until you reach the falls. You can walk behind Rainbow Falls, then return back to the track’s junction. From here, follow the main route which brings you to the base of Twin Falls. The falls consist of two separate drops, and you can walk behind the falls. From here, continue walk as a loop, and in a few minutes you will reach Talanbana Falls, then in roughly 30 minutes you will reach Blackfellow Falls. The track goes behind Blackfellow Falls and then climbs back to the parking. The total walking time will be around 2 hours.

Twin Falls is a permanent waterfall. Best time to visit – after decent rain, or Jan to Mar.

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