Mungalli Falls


Mungalli Falls

Two close neighbours, Mungalli Falls and Mungalli Rapids are accessible from Mungalli Student Village and Wilderness Retreat.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 17° 33.116' E 145° 41.910'
Parking: Mungalli Student Village and Wilderness Retreat, Junction Rd, Mungalli
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type: Sealed Return track duration: 40min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 70m Type of the waterfall: Multi-step

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐
GPS:          S 17° 33.116' E 145° 41.910'
Parking:     Mungalli Student Village and Wilderness Retreat, Junction Rd, Mungalli
Access:     40min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Mungalli Falls is roughly a 45minutes’ drive away from Innisfail, or just 15 minutes’ from Millaa Millaa. From Millaa Millaa travel 11km south-east on the State Route 25 (Palmerston Highway), then turn left onto Junction Rd. Follow this road for 2.9km until you reach Mungalli Student Village and Wilderness Retreat (on your right). The road surface is sealed.

The car park at Mungalli Student Village and Wilderness Retreat has all sorts of facilities, including restaurant and toilets.

The top of Mungalli Falls and the Mungalli rapids are seen from the retreat complex. There is a wooden viewing platform at the falls’ top – great place to observe the waterfall and check its height. From the retreat follow a well-signposted walk which leads to the falls’ base. Firstly, it crosses the creek via a concrete bridge – you can see Mungalli Rapids on your left. Then follow a former road until you reach its end. From here a short side track brings you to the falls’ viewing platform.

Return via the same route.

Mungalli Falls is a permanent waterfall. Beautiful all year round. Best time to visit – Dec to Mar.

Waterfalls nearby

Mungalli Rapids

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐
Access:     10min return walk
Driving:   1 m (1 min)

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